Immigration Detention & Bond Hearings

The Law Office of Steve Lopez represents clients that are in immigration detention. If you or a family member have been detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), contact our office. Certain non-citizens in ICE detention can be released through an immigration custody hearing with the help our office. The attorneys at the Law Office of Steve Lopez has extensive knowledge in the conditions you must meet in order to be released on an immigration bond, and will vigorously argue that INA ยง236(c) mandatory detention for crimes involving moral turpitude, controlled substances or aggravated felonies do not apply to your case.

In certain circumstances, ICE or the immigration judge may release you “on your own recognizance”, which means you do not have to post an immigration bond. However, ICE or the immigration judge usually sets a bond amount, the minimum being $1,500. If you have already appeared before the immigration judge and cannot pay for the bond that was set, our attorneys can request a redetermination of the bond amount for you. Our attorneys can request a waiver of the bond or get the bond lowered to an amount you can afford to pay.

The Law Office of Steve Lopez will fight hard for the release of our detained immigrant clients. We provide the immigration judge with evidence of our client’s good moral conduct, family ties and strong connections to the community. We will introduce positive equities such as length of time in the area, current employment, a clean criminal record, contributions to the community and close ties to family in the area. If a client comes to us having already been denied a bond or having an unsuccessful redetermination hearing, we will fight for a new redetermination based on a change in circumstances or we appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals for a review.